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Home Values in Austin, Texas

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Interested in what your home is worth?

Austin property values are near all-time highs! However, setting the best list price requires an experienced agent and a plan of action. An inaccurate list price may sell your property quickly at a low price. An unrealistic price or property blemishes can waste your best days on the market. An unscrupulous agent may even promise a price that is too high simply to use your property to generate buyer leads. If you do eventually make a price adjustment, you’re now chasing the market and negotiating with buyers and their agents out of desperation, not a position of strength. Your time and money is too valuable to spend on green or greedy agents!
For RE-AL agents, protecting and caring for our clients’ interests is our top priority. Contact us to speak with a RE-AL Realtor and request a free market analysis of your home.

Condo Complex Sales History

Own a condo in Austin or interested in one? We have compiled graphs of past sales for almost every condo complex in Austin.

Owner Leasing

Want to lease out your property? When it comes to the world of Austin leasing, we’re one of the best! We can effectively market your property, identify recommended areas for repair, and utilize a lease contract that provides you, the owner, with the best income and flexibility for the future. We take pride in performing extensive and thorough background checks on applicants so our owners can have peace of mind.
At Real Estate Alliance, we truly care about our landlords and will provide you with the most professional service and follow-up. Contact us today!